What do you read?

I read everything from textbooks to fiction to self-improvement and poetry- I love variety! I try to keep my reading alternating between non-fiction and fiction.

Can you review my book/product?

I am open to reviews and promotional business requests on the basis that I am able to give an honest and truthful review of the book/product. To get in touch regarding business enquiries and review requests, visit my contact page, or say hi at hellobitesize@gmail.com!

Where do you study?

Australia is a large island but with a very small population and only a few universities scattered around the country, so please understand that I will not publicly reveal my current university. However, I did graduate from the University of Sydney in 2016.


Where do you live?

I live in the inner-western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

Tell us about the veganism!

I have been vegan for 10 years. For me, veganism is a lifestyle, so I do not consume any anything that comes from an animal or is not sourced from a cruelty-free company. This means that I don’t wear leather, wool, etc., and I don’t use cleaning or cosmetic products which are tested on animals. I am vegan for many reasons and while I love my way of living I do not believe that it is the only way and understand the privilege that comes with being able to reject certain foods and materials and adhere to such a lifestyle.

Are you coeliaC?

No. While I have not been tested for gluten intolerance, I am a big believer in listening to by body. I have endured horrific stomach pains for years which have stopped since I have reduced my gluten intake and focused on maintaining a gluten-free diet. While I still eat some gluten, I always avoid non-gluten free bread and pasta.